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Mountain hiking

It is a very easy hiking that can do regardless all the ages and both sexes. There are a lot of hiking-related internet-based communities in Korea. Pleasure will be doubled if you with local residents. Thus, we will join with local hiking members and walk along hiking trails in the mountain for two to five hours. After that, for the desired participants go to restaurant and enjoy drinking & entertainment in order to get a time to become familiar with each other. Prepare backpack, hiking boots, windproof jacket, extra clothes, packed lunch and some water needed.

Cultural heritage and natural scenery tour

Travel to historic and cultural heritages and natural scenery by means of public transit and walking. It will be covered most of tourist attractions in middle area of Korean Peninsula.

Bike trip along Gyeong-in Ara waterway

The length of Ara waterway bike course is approximately 40 kilometers by combining on he both side along Ara waterway. And bike trip can be started the Geomam station and this long length bike lane is connected to Han river where is a meandering stream through the Seoul city for thousands of years history. It is also good to have a time to meditation by fall in peaceful atmosphere through traveling Han riverside after passing by Ara waterway. Bike rental fees as follow: 1 hour-3,000 won, two hours-5,000 won, additional hours fee is 2,000 won per hour.

Water leisure

Better Guest House is close place to enjoy water leisure in the Gimpo Ara Marina water sports base. Experience and enjoy water leisure such as yacht, boat, kayak, canoe, bumper boat and water bike etc., It will be also nice to enjoying party boat for the group travelers. Or, it may be tempting to travel on several islands scattered in the western sea by ferry as well.

  • Kayak / Canoe / Bumper boat / Water Bike: 7,000 KRW per person for 30 minutes.
  • Yacht Experience: 15,000 KRW per person for 50 minutes.
  • Boat Experience: 15,000 KRW per person for 30 minutes.

Experience nightlife

Pub Crawl

In particular, The nightlife tour is an indispensable attraction for travelers who enjoy drinking. There are various bars everywhere in Korea, and anyone who is 18 years old or older can drink alcohol.

Noreabang (Karaoke room)

Noreabang is a singing venue like Karaoke box in Japan, and it can be found almost all the street corner and easily accessible in everywhere in Korea. Noreabang has various sizes of private rooms from small room for single or couples, to spacious room for more than 100 persons. All the rooms are equipped Karaoke machin that are built-in thousands of songs that be listed alphabetically, large size plasma screen TV, microphones, comfortable couches, disco light to going round and round, and tambourines. These Karaoke machines offer the songs from various countries in multilingual. For example, Korean, American, Chinese, Japanese and other countries popular songs, playing with video musical accompaniment and comes on the screen along with subtitles of song lyric in their native language. As well as, you may play with “singing room helper (Doumi)” by paying extra fee per hour.

Booking Club

There is a worldwide sole and unique “Booking” that can be really bizarre culture to the foreigners. It isn’t meaning of hotel reservation when you to say “Booking” in the nightclub or similar booking clubs in Korea. Order a set of menu in the nightclub and a while enjoy drinking, your table waiters will make effort to bring female customers and push them into your table (sometimes forcibly). Of course, should give some money to waiter as a tip. This spectacle also may be some astonishing for foreigners at first. However, Korean women who going to nightclub know that they will be treated like that.

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