Guest house features and service

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

We provide paid pick-up and drop-off service for the guests who visiting Better Guest House. However, our service fee will be cheap than taxi, so that guests can feel free to use….read more

Pick-up and drop-off

Guest house atmosphere

  • Spacious living room and peaceful view of surroundings.
  • Equipped private lockers, mini fridges and wardrobes with drawer in the room.
  • Free washing machine available.
  • Super-power free WiFi and shared laptop computers can internet access 24/7.
  • Provide Hairdryer and iron with ironing board.
  • HD flat screen TV with cable channels.
  • Towels, soap, shampoo with conditioner and toothpaste (not include toothbrush) etc., toiletries are provided for free.
  • Spacious kitchen with varios cooking tools always be opened for the guests.
  • Keeping warm with floor heating system in the winter and available air-conditioner in the summer.

Breakfast and meals

We changed food plan on May 9th 2018 and we decided to offer the food only milk and serial as a breakfast. That’s why, we will not provide others food any more for the new arrivals reservation. That is, we only provide milk & Serial, coffee, bottled mineral water for free, instead we lowered the standard room rates from the May 2018.

However, the spacious kitchen with fully equipped cooking tools always being opened for the guests so as to cooking themselves at any time. There is grocery store within 100 meters. And restaurants, pub, coffee shops within 10 minutes walk and the price ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 won (KRW).

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Non-smoking room

We have a designated smoking area. Therefore, not allowed smoking in the room and shared areas including apartment hallway.

Travel Guide

Offers travel guide for the group visitors for free.

Reservation Sercice

When you need a reservation in advance to participate event or others, we would help you instead of you

Rental portable WiFi

Rental WiFi provides unlimited data at price only 4,000 won per day without any extra charge. Deposit 50,000 won is required to rent it and it will be charged 100,000 won as a penalty when lost it.

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