Our Homelike Apartment


  • Exterior of the better guest house
  • Driveway to guesthouse
  • birthday party in the better guest house
  • Chicken party
  • Beer Party in the restourant
  • dinning time
  • Watching TV and chatting.
  • Foggy morning landscape around guest house
  • Ara waterway around guesthouse

Apartment like my home

We offer affordable rooms exactly you can feel like home in an apartment in the northwest area in Incheon as it near the airport but adjacent to Seoul. This is optimized for long-term stays and welcomes visitors from all over the world.

About the area

There are three large scale grocery stores, three convenience stores, and a large Daiso are within 100 meters, and various restaurants include Korean barbecues, coffee shops, Cozy pubs, Chicken restaurants are also 100~300 meters around the accommodation.

  • A picture of living room 11
  • A picture of living room 10
  • A picture of living room 9
  • A picture of living room 8
  • A picture of living room 7
  • A picture of living room 6
  • A picture of living room 5
  • A picture of living room 4
  • A picture of living room 3
  • A picture of living room 2
  • A picture of living room 1
  • Living room 9
  • Dinning room 6
  • Living room 8
  • Living room 7
  • Living room 6
  • Living room 5
  • Living room 4
  • Living room 3
  • Living room 2
  • Living room 1
  • Dinning room 5
  • Dinning room 4
  • Dinning room 3
  • Dinning room 1
  • Dinning room 2
  • Entrance 2
  • Entrance 1


We have renovated the interior with tiles until the end of Aug 2020 in the midst of the COVID 19.

Spacious kitchen

One of the advantages is a spacious kitchen with fully-equipped cooking utensils opened 24 hours for the guests will enough to make feel like my home.


All rooms and shared spaces in the house retain warm in the winter with the floor heating system, and comfortable temperature with air-conditioner in the hot summer.

  • mountain hiking
  • speed boat ride
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Mountain hiking
  • Wangsan Beach sunset
  • sunset hiking
  • Biking along the Ara waterway.
  • Eurwangni Beach
  • walking in the Eurwangni Beach
  • on the top mountain

Getting around

Nearby subway stations are Geomdan Sageori (검단사거리역) and Geomam station (검암역) able to the available train bound for Seoul or island beach on the western sea. We offer pickup & drop-off service for free between nearby stations and guest house, and in addition, there are lots of and very often buses to the stations. As well as, there are intercity buses direct going to Seoul st and Gangnam area via Hongdae st.


Travel must be unconditionally fun. Better Guest House offers travel itineraries for the popular attractions in Korea. As well as, we provide diverse opportunities to participate in experiential activities. Try to get offbeat experiences and make wonderful memories with us.

Distinct four seasons around Better Guest House