About Us

Overview of Better Guest House

Affordable Rooms

Better Guest House offers affordable rooms like your home in an apartment in the Incheon city where is adjacent to Seoul. Our property is optimized for long-term travelers and welcomes visitors from various countries. We would like to build a meaningful relationship with you and this place would be a wonderful place.

Convenient Location

This is an intermediate location between Incheon airport and Gimpo airport. Four bus stops from the Geomdan Sageori Station (검단사거리역) and it will be taken within 10 minutes by bus and 25 minutes walk. However, we would pick you up for free from Geomam station or Geomdan Sageori station. Public transportation is also convenient for traveling to the major tourist attractions in Seoul, as well as to various islands along the west coast.

  • 4 Persons Mixed Drom Room (Main)
  • 4 Persons Mixed Drom Room (1)

Comfortable Rooms + Spacious kitchen

Better Guest House has 3 private rooms and one of a female dorm room in an apartment. Spacious kitchen opened 24/7 for the guests with full utensils will make you feel like your home.

All rooms and shared spaces in the house are warm in the winter with the floor heating system, and keep a comfortable temperature in the hot summer with air-conditioner.

Travel destinations

Better Guest House offers travel itineraries for the most popular attractions in Korea. As well as, we offer a variety of experiences activities. Try to get offbeat experiences and make wonderful memories with us.

Distinct four seasons around Better Guest House