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DMZ train is also called “Peace train (平和列車)” and it was developed as a tourist train for running in the Gyeonhui Line and Gyeonwon Line along the peaceful ecosystem belt, and operated by tourism-related team in Korea Railway Corporation (KORAIL). DMZ is a demilitarized zone of the Korean peninsula established in 1953 according to armistice agreement after Korean War. The separated families during the Korean War living scattered in the north and south, but still remain as an only divided nation in the world. Based on the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), the border of the demilitarized zone about 2 kilometers north is called “Northern Limit Line (NLL)” and the border of the demilitarized zone about 2 kilometers is called “Southern Limit Line (SLL).” The northern and southern marginal lines are established with iron fence, and the north and south armies are confronted.

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