ITX Cheongchun train(청춘열차)

ITX Cheongchun Destination and Fares

ITX Cheonchun train between Yongsan - Chuncheon.ITX Cheongchun is an intercity express train that runs between Yongsan in Seoul and Chuncheon City where has a So-yang Lake. There are two types of train between Sangbong and Chuncheon. That is, “ITX Cheongchun” train between Yongsan – Chuncheon, and “Gyeongchun Line” between Sangbong – Chuncheon. The difference between ITX and Gyeongchun Line is the difference of fares and arrival time between places, and keep in mind that ITX is around three times more expensive than Gyeongchun Line. For ITX trains, there are package travel products that are planed and operated by the tourism-related team in Korea Railway Corporation (KORAIL).

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 ITX Cheongchun train

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Gyeongchun Line (General train)

ITX Timetable

Gyeongchun Line Timetable


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