Nearby Lotte Mart

Lotte Mart

Lotte Mart Geomdan BranchLotte Mart, Emart and Home Plus are three major discount retailer brands in Korea, which are very similar in terms of size, sales products and prices. They sell almost everything from electronics to various general commodities and groceries. This is a Geomdan Branch of Lotte Mart and tax-free affiliate as well. However, this mall does not instant tax refund, so if you buy something goods more than 30,000 won as a foreigner in this mall, you should ask for the issuance of documents for tax refund, and then get a refund at the airport. It can not get a tax refund as a general receipt issued to local people, you must show your passport and ask for tax refund documents issued only to foreigners ……☞ read more about tax refund. In general, refundable tax (VAT) is less than 10 percent of the price of goods.

Tip: The products labeled “1+1” is meaning that two are sold as one value. However, sometimes cashiers may miss the “1+1” promotional discount price at the checkout counter, so you should pay attention to the prices that you paid for your purchase goods when you get the receipt at the counter. In some supermarkets in my experience, it’s because cashiers intentionally don’t applied their promotional price by pretending to be a mistake.

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