Bupyeong Underground Market

Travel to Bupyeong Underground Market today.

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Bupyeong Underground Market first opened in 1978 was registered in the Guinness Book of World Records in November 2014 as the largest number of shops with a single area. The gross area is 31,692 square meters as the largest single underground shopping area in Korea and the total number of stores is 1408 (as of April 19, 2014). The daily passersby in this area is more than a hundred thousand people (2016) and it is likely to miss directions from time to time because the area is so wide and underground route is complicated.
Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center was originally built as a shelter for national security in 1978. Although it is a shelter, it was opened to the public so that regular citizen could be passing through this underground passage in usual. Then, in the 1980, merchants came together one by one has made form a merchant association in earnest and started to be called as ‘Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center’ from the inside and outside. There are over 1,400 stores selling a wide variety of products include clothing, cosmetics, bags, cell phones and accessories etc., As well as, there is “Foreign Tourist Information Desk” for foreign visitors. About 50 percent of stores are tax-free membership.

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