Wolmi Park

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Incheon Wolmi Park in the seaside

Current Wolmi Park was an Island belonging to Jung-gu of Incheon Metropolitan City. The Island is now filled with land. Wolmi-do (月尾島) is the name given in the sense that the appearance of the Island resembles the tail of the half moon. At the time of Korean Empire, Japanese naval bases and Russian coal warehouses came into this place, and these powers engaged in a power struggle. In 1886, after the name of the French fleet that had been anchored in offshore of Incheon at the time of the “Byeong-In-Yang-Yo (丙寅洋擾),” even it has been introduced as a “Rose Island” on the foreign map. “Song Jeong Seop who was granted the right of cultivation on Wolmi-do from Ministry of Agriculture in 1900, sold the land reclamation rights to the Japanese Yoshigawa, then Yoshigawa forcibly removed the residents in Wolmi-do. The Joseon government arrested Song Jeong Seop and delivered proceeds of the sale to the Japanese embassy and demanded to return of the land reclamation rights. However, Yoshigawa did not responded, and in August 1904, he built embankment with the sacks on the pretext that the Japanese military needed on operation, and in May 1905, he demolished 80 civilian houses then occupied the entire Island. It was developed as an amusement park in 1923 after building 1 km of dykes and connecting it with the mainland, it was mainly made up for the Japanese people with bathtubs (潮湯, bathtub with boiled sea water), villas, fairies and sea water pools. Since the establishment of ‘Wolmi-do cultural street’ in July 1987, cultural and artistic performances and Wolmi festivals etc., various events are being held.


Tragedy of Wolmi Island:  On September 10, a bombing by a US marine Cops aircraft (Admiral Richard W. Rubles Marine Corps Air Corps, Fifteenth Flight Aircraft) caused collective victims of civilian residents in Wolmi Island. The bombing began around 7:00 am and was conducted 3 times up to 12:00. The bombing that was carried out by the preliminary operation of Incheon Landing Operation, the bombers flying from US aircraft carriers has dropped 95 napalm bombs to the east part of Wolmi-do which is included civilians and after shooting the rocket gun, it was done in such a way that strafing against the evacuating civilians. The Truth. Reconciliation Committee was estimated 10 confirmed victims and the actual numbers of victims will be reach 100 people if including the missing persons and those who were enable to verify their identities.

Incheon Landing Operation (仁川上陸作戰):  The Incheon Landing Operation (Battle of Incheon) was an amphibious operation initiated from Wolmi Island on September 15, 1950, led by United Nations commander Douglas MacArthur when the Korean War was in full swing. This operation involved more than 75,000 troops and 261 naval vessels, which led to the recapture Seoul of Republic of Korea, and was the opportunity to overturn the whole of Korean War situation.

Byeong-In-Yang-Yo (丙寅洋擾):  Yang Yo (洋擾) means the frenzy and battle caused by Western people. It is the case that the French fleet invaded Ganghwa Island in 1866. In early 1866, Heungseon Daewongun (Father of Kojong who came on the throne in Joseon Dynasty) imposed a ban on the Catholic Church and massacred thousands of Korean Catholic believer, included 9 French missionaries. At the time of the persecution, 9 of the 12 French missionaries were held and executed, and only 3 were able to escape. Of these three, Ridel escaped to China and urged the French fleet commander Rose (P.G., Lutz) who staying in China to retaliation by announce the persecution. Therefore, Rose fleet commander led the Great Fleet and caused a military conflict between Korea and France.

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