The way to go Better Guest House


English:  #902 9th Floor, 11, Geomdan-ro 769 Beon-gil, Seo-gu Incheon Korea.
Korean:  인천시 서구 검단로 769번길 11, 9층 902호 (불로동, 백두퀸스빌)
(You can show this Korean address to someone, when you ask your directions)

Regardless where you are now, you should come to “Geomdan Sageori Station (검단사거리역)” by subway.

  1. In case of arriving at Incheon International airport, you should head down to subway platform after complete immigration procedures and take a subway going to “Geomam Station (검암역)“.
  2. Get off the train at the “Geomam Station (검암역)” and transfer to “Incheon Line-2” (refer to detailed map) and come to the “Geomdan Sageori Station (검단사거리역).”
  3. Get off the train at the Geomdan Sageori Station (검단사거리역), get out through No.1 exit or elevator and then cross the street. Then you have to take a bus No.13 or 60 (Bus stop ID: 42537, 검단사거리역 정류장) between No.2 and 3 exit of metro station.
    (Taxi fee from here to guesthouse: 4,800 won or so)
  4. Get off the bus at the “Gilhun apartment bus stop (ID: 42494, 길훈아파트 버스정류장).” And then should cross the street and walk about 100 meters along the alleyway to guesthouse (refer to below picture)This image is a scene of opposite side of Gilhun apartment bus stop.
  5. Alley entrance to Better Guest House, less than 100 miters walk to arrival. When you get into the alley like below picture, walk ahead to the end of arrow.Alley entrance to Better Guest House
  6. Below picture is a scene in front of the apartment building, so when you arrived here, come to 9th floor #902. Then you can see the sign of “Better Guest House” on the door.This is a scene in front of guest house.

Detailed multilingual maps


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