T-Money Card

How to use T money card

T money card is a refundable and rechargeable public transportation card that can use it convenient to pay fees instead of cash through almost all the type of public transportation system all over the Korea. If you using this T money card for the public transportation, it can be save a lot of money than paying with cash. And the biggest benefit for the traveler to using this T card is a fact that it’s free in several times when you change to another bus from the bus. And also minimum charged when you transfer to bus from the subway or vice versa. As well as, when you leaving Korea, it can be refunded remaining balance after deduct 500 KRW as a service fee, from the machine in the subway station or 24 hours convenience stores. But blank card is not refunded, so you may bring it to home and use it next time or give it to friend or neighbors.

Where you can buy T money card

You can buy T-money card in the 24 hours convenience stores which it has “T” logo inner or outer store’s window. For examples: GS 25, CU, Mini Stop, Buy the way, 7-Eleven, Story way, Family Mart, Newsstand and ticket bending. After purchase T-money card (blank card = 2,500 KRW), you should charge the money into the T-money card as much as you want to do.

Available region

Nationwide compatible T-money card (전국호환용) can be used as one card for almost all the type of nationwide public transit, such as buses, subway, trains and even KTX.

How to use it

  • Subway: whenever you get in / get out through ticket barrier (gate), you should scan T card on the card reader by touching it on the machine.

Metro Ticket gate.

  • T-money card reader.Bus (Two times scan): When you take the bus, you have to scan T-Money card on the card reader by touching it on the machine, and then one more time scan it when you getting off the bus. Keep in mind that you must scan it two times both when you getting on and getting off. Otherwise, it would be double charged for you, because the card machine would be recognize that you have traveled whole route.
  • KTX / Express bus: Buy the ticket at the ticket office or ticket machine by payment with T-money card.
  • Taxi (One time scan): You can use the T-money card when you take a Taxi that has designed “T” logo out side of taxi. But for taxi, you should pay the taxi fee only when arrived at your destination. Also when you pay the taxi fee, you should ask the receipt to taxi driver and keep it so that you can report it to the authority when driver asked illegally overcharge for you.

How to recharge and refund

Recharge T-Money Card: You can recharge money into your T-Money Card from the machine which is equipped in the train station or 24 hours convenience stores in the streets.

  1. Select preferred language.
  2. Select “Recharge” icon in the middle on the screen. Refer to right side pictures.
  3. Put T-money card on the red place of the machine.
  4. Select amount that you want to recharge.
  5. Put your money into a cash slot. It can be used the 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 KRW bills and 50, 100, 500 KRW coin.
  6. Waiting for a moment while recharging and confirm its balance after complete.

Notice of T-money card service desk.Refund: Remaining balance of money in your T-money card can be refund after deducted 500 KRW as service fee from the 24 hours convenience store when balance is less than 20,000 KRW. But if T-money balance is more than 20,000 KRW and less than 50,000 KRW, it can be refund from T-money service desk in all the subway station (You can see a notice as shown picture on the right) with right . And blank card is not refundable. So you should bring it to home and use it next time or give it to friends or neighbors.

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